I'm Warning You. Don't Touch My Food!

Hangry Thief is coming to Kickstarter on Firday August 3rd!

The Game

It’s been 12 hours since you ate but someone thought it’d be fun to make dinner a competition. You’re Hungry, Angry, and WANT YOUR FOOD!

How It Works

Everyone starts with 3 Food cards and 6 Action cards.

Use your actions to make the most amazing meal each round to win a LESS HUNGRY card. Get 3 to win and be fully satisfied.


1. Play an action. Help yourself and sabotage your opponents!

2. After an action everyone discards down to 3 food cards. Make sure to pick the best ones you have.

It's a game of Strategy and Sabotage.

You need to balance between hedging bets early on, optimizing your meal before the end of the round, and sabotaging other player plans!


Exciting and suspenseful!

Kelsey on Feb 14, 2018

This game was very exciting and kept me on my toes the whole time! I never really knew if I would actually get the highest points each turn to win the game; this really kept me invested and the game suspenseful. It would be an easy game to teach others, play with the family, and it would never get old. I definitely had an awesome time playing this game.


Cheesy but Grate!

Josué on Mar 01, 2018

Enjoyed the many game reversals, politics, and inevitable food puns that come up. Tried the game with both 3 and 6 people. It was fun with 3, loved it with 6! :-)

I'm Warning You. Don't Touch My Food!

I'm Warning You. Don't Touch My Food!

"Fun and easy game that's most fun played while eating snacks!!" -Joey

2-8 Players | Game Length: 20-30 minutes | Ages: 8 and older