A Card Game of Food & Sabotage

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The Game

How To Play


You skipped lunch and now dinner is a competition. Only the person with the best meal will get to eat!


You start with 3 Food cards and 6 Meal Prep cards.


Make the best meal by having the highest score in a single color at the end of the round


Everyone gets 3 turns playing Meal Prep cards which can help you or hurt an opponent!


Will you spend time improving your meal or disrupting your opponent's? Will you keep your options open or go all in on one color?

When you win a round you'll be a little less hungry. Win 3 and you'll win the game!


Here's what people are saying about the game.

"Exciting and suspenseful! This game was very exciting and kept me on my toes the whole time! I never really knew if I would actually get the highest points each turn to win the game; this really kept me invested and the game suspenseful. It would be an easy game to teach others, play with the family, and it would never get old. I definitely had an awesome time playing this game." -Kelsey

“Cheesy but Grate! Enjoyed the many game reversals, politics, and inevitable food puns that come up. Tried the game with both 3 and 6 people. It was fun with 3, loved it with 6! :-)” -Josué

“Full and Satisfied. This game was so much fun! It is easy to understand and easy to explain. Its a great game to share with friends and it goes by fast. I can’t wait to play it again!” -Karen

“My wife approves :D. My wife's biggest hurdle is getting past instructions... so I appreciate games that are easy to explain. The rounds go quickly but with a lot of laughing and unexpected turn of events. There's no pressure in starting a new round and expecting it to go on forever either. Definitely recommended for families and your close group of friends!" -Phil

“Fun and easy game that's most fun played while eating snacks!!" -Joey

“Fun Stuff!!! This game is easy to pick up and good to the last drop! It’s fun because you can sabotage the other players but you have to make sure you don’t mess up your cards! Fun for the family!!" -Samantha

“Active Wait Time. I enjoyed how active the game is, even if it isn't your turn, you could still participate in the game. Usually I play card games pretty fast, and it sucks when you have to wait for everyone to go before it's your turn again. But in this game, everyone can participate depending on what card is played! Keeps you on your toes." -Peary

A Card Game of Food & Sabotage

A Card Game of Food & Sabotage

2-6 Players | Game Length: 20-30 minutes | Ages: 8 and older

Hangry Thief is live on Kickstarter!

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